Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Loving Deeper

Have you done your spiritual EKG yet this week? Remember that we don't love by accident, and love is not love if it is not an action. Define yourself as a Christian and be Christ like……LOVE!

I was also challenged this week not just to love deeper those you already love. Anyone can show more love to those they think are "worthy." The Lord is challenging us to love the "unlovable" more deeply. Think of it, Jesus came to love those who crucified him, those whom we might refer to as "unlovable".

So what are we doing to be more like Christ? If you think you are doing everything right, and yet you don't find yourself loving deeper, then we need to change our habits. Pastor Scott challenged us to do 3 things this week to love deeper. They are:

1. Do the unexpected.
2. Do something unaffordable.
3. Do it now.

Jesus did the unexpected when He promised Paradise to a criminal.
Jesus paid the ultimate price with His life. What a deep expression of love!
Jesus did it that day.
Luke 23:43

What have you done this week to love deeper? If you haven't done anything yet, DO IT NOW!

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