Thursday, February 12, 2009

Speaking Sweeter

Jesus was a man who spoke sweet words. He chose every word carefully. He knew full well the impact and power of His words and how to use them. From the beginning until his death and resurrection His words brought life, hope, and blessings to those who chose to listen to Him. Could it be that Jesus was born to die and lived each day fulfilling that destiny?
I think so often we go through life as though we were born to live and not die ourselves, when in reality we die more every day. I think about Jesus' life like this. He is my father that is dying. I sit at His side listening to every word He has to say. I know that on His death bed the most important things He wants me to remember will be said.

Now here is the reality, I am dying and people are listening to every word I am saying. Are the words I speak important? Do they matter? I am encouraging someone, or tearing them down? Am I leading someone to Christ, or am I pushing them away with how I speak to them? Are my words telling others about Christ, or meaningless words that no one will ever remember? Will I say, "It is finished," or I wish I had more time? What words will people use to describe me?

As always, Jesus is the perfect example. He is patient, gentle, loving, forgiving, and merciful. His words express everything about who He is. Will we make the effort to start using words to become more like Jesus? Will we have the courage to use words to ask for forgiveness? Will we right a wrong, encourage someone, and let our words lead someone to Christ?
This will no doubt be a challenging week for many of us. Pastor Scott has given us a challenge this week. We are to:

1. Say thanks to the people that "serve you".
2. Say thanks to the people who "shaped you".

Use words to bring life to someone this week!

Melissa - Mid Week Minder Team

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Anonymous said...

This is great. Thank you so much. I have neglected to live as if I were dying! God bless you. Lona